Program from the Funeral Mass

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F u n e r a l   M a s s
Nicholas Michael Hopkins
May, 4, 2001

Celebrant: Rev. Theodore Olson
Altar Servers: Sean and Michael Hopkins, Matt Garrison, Greg Sargent

Part I - Introductory Rites


Sprinkling with Holy Water

Placing of the Pall
 Chris (godfather), Patti, Kyle and Kathleen Bradley
 Mary Beth (godmother) and Stephen Rogers

Entrance Procession -  Song: Gather Your People
 Pall Bearers: Scott Mitchell, Andrew Garrison, Dustin Roberts, Amber Hershey, Jason Young, Jim Beck, Ryan Barger

Placing of Christian Symbols
 A bronze Crucifix from Nick’s Great Grandfather’s funeral - Don and Bettie Bradley, Claude, Ann, Katie and Shelby Bradley

Opening Prayers

Part II - Liturgy of the Word


 Old Testament
  Isaiah 25:6a, 7-9
  Read by: Mark Hopkins

 Responsorial Psalm - Shepherd Me O God

 New Testament 
  2 Corinthians 5:1, 6-10 
  Read by: Craig, Jeanell and Connor Bradley

 Alleluia Verse - Song: Celtic Alleluia 

 The Gospel
  Matthew 5: 1-12a


General Intercessions

Part III - Liturgy of the Eucharist

Presentation of the Gifts - Song: Come Lord Jesus
 Blessed Sacrament: Mary Hopkins, Chris and Denise Hopkins
 Symbolic Gift:  Scott Mitchell,    A photo collage created by Nick’s friends celebrating his joy for life.

Prayer Over the Gifts


Eucharistic Prayer

Communion - Song: Here I Am

Prayer After Communion

Part IV - Final Commendation

Remarks of Remembrance
 Kirsten and Natalie Hopkins
 David Hopkins
 Karen Hopkins

Invitation to Prayer


Signs and Song of Farewell

Prayer of Commendation

Part V - Recessional
 Song: On Eagles Wings

Celebration of Nick’s Life

Immediately following this Mass there will be a celebration of Nick’s life in the Church Hall.  A spirit lifting video of our Nick, shared stories and good food are guaranteed to make you feel better.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this celebration of Nick. 
Nick Lived!

   The Funeral Mass